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2-Person Three Ball

Two Person Three Ball

10:00 AM Shotgun Start

$20.00 entry fee for members

$30.00 entry fee non-members

Skins $5.00 per player

  1. Each team member tees off twice on 9 holes. Your team decides which 9 holes, but each player can only tee off twice on 9 different Other player will hit the next shot twice, and you alternate until the ball is holed.
  2. Women Red Tees – Men 65 and over Gold Tees –  Women 65 and Over and Men 75 and Over Use Forward Gold Tees (If no forward gold tees then use Red Tees) – All others White Tees
  3. Place ball within one club length (no nearer hole) of spot where ball to be used came to rest (exact spot on green)
  4. Can’t move out of rough or hazard
  5. Keep scorecard of team playing with you
  6. One person from each team needs to sign card before turning in.
  7. Ties will be broken by starting with #18 and working backwards.
  8. Turn scorecard in as soon as you complete play.
  9. If skins don’t go out, money stays with the club


Jun 12 2022