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Combo Classic Tournament

Majestic Hills Combo Classic

Sunday June 11,2023

12:00 PM Shotgun Start

            This is a fundraising event for the Majestic Hills Golf Club that includes components of the Judge, Fish Bowl and Brannon-Marten. 

Thursday June 8, 2023 – Draft and Calcutta — 7:30 PM

Tournament Details

  1. $40 per person
  2. $5 per person for skins
  3. 1:00 PM Shotgun Start
  4. 4 Person Dropout Format – Player whose shot is used does not hit the next shot. All four tee off on each hole except for four of the 18 holes, when only one person tees off. Each team member tees off alone on one hole out of the 18 and that hole is pre-determined before the tournament starts.
  5. Captains will be the oldest players playing. The number of captains will depend upon the number of players signed-up. Men and Women can be Captains.
  6. Draft will be a random draw each round. First round will be the designated A players. That will be the same number of players names as Captains. Names will be randomly drawn out of the Fishbowl. Other remaining players will be drawn randomly out of the Fishbowl in two rounds, but all remaining names are in the Fishbowl at the same time. Order of selection of each round is determined by a random draw as well.
  7. Calcutta – 10% of amount goes to club. Each team has the option to buy their team for $100. Maximum amount for an auction is $300 per team.
  8. Tee boxes – Women 65 and over and Men 75 and over, will use the Forward Gold Tees, Other women use the red tees. Men’s tees are determined as follows: 0-8 Handicaps will use the Blue Tees, 9-18 Handicaps will use the White Tees, 19 and above handicaps will use Regular Gold Tees, Men 65 and over can use Regular Gold Tees unless their handicap is under 14.
  • Team Skins – $20 per team
  • Places and prizes will be determined based on number of teams playing.
  • Both Calcutta and Tournament Payouts
  • Ties will be broken using playoffs.
  • Open to Members and Non-Members.



Jun 11 2023


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm