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Men’s Golf League

2021 Majestic Hills Informal Golf League

$20.00 Entry Fee


The Informal Men’s League will be an individual score-based league and will be competed on the Wednesdays of June 23,  July 1, July 15 and August 5. You can play anytime on these Wednesdays and you will use your 18 hole score. If you cannot play on one of these Wednesdays, you can make arrangements with the Director of Golf Operations (Eric Olson), to use a score from a previous day. This arrangement must be made before the round is played. The same goes if you can only play nine on Wednesday, you could use another nine hole score but has to be pre-arranged.

Scoring will be on an individual basis and will be your net score based on your handicap and the tee box you are using. Your handicap will determine what holes you get a stroke on. You will turn in a gross score(what you actually shot) and a net score( gross score on a hole minus a stroke if you get one and that would be your net 18 hole score).

Ex: Your 18 hole handicap from the Whites is a 4. You will get a stroke on Holes # 2 and Holes # 9 on the front side and Holes # 12 and Hole # 17 on the back.

  1.                                                                                                   x

Hole 1   Hole 2  Hole 3    Hole 4   Hole 5    Hole 6     Hole 7   Hole 8   Hole9 Gross.      4.         5.          5.            3.           5.            4.              4.           4.         5        39

Net.          4.        4.           5.           3.            5.            4.             4.            4.        4.        37


 Net score will be used for places and the league will be flighted. Flights and places paid in flights, will be based on the number of players entered in the league. 50 % of players will be flighted out to get prize money.  Turn scorecards in at end of your round. Each player can turn in their own scorecard or two players can use the same card. Prizes will be determined after last week of league.


$2.00 fee each night for those that want to be part of the skins game. Skins are based on gross score only. Please circle all birdies, eagles and double eagles on your gross score. If no skins go out, money will carry over to the next week. If no skins go out the last week, the money stays with the club.

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