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Ryder Cup

Sunday, May 28th | 8:24am tee times



1st Nine (1-9) | Better Ball (Best Score)

2nd Nine (10-18) | Best Ball Scramble

3rd Nine (1-9) | Alternate Shot (One person tees off on hole #1 and then alternate shots the rest of the nine

Tees: Seniors age 65+ may use the gold tees. Women can use the red tees. All other players will use the white tees.

$30 for members | $40 for non-members



  1. You may move the ball one club length, no closer to the hole. The ball must stay in the same conditions (rough to rough, fairway to fairway)
  2. If your ball goes out of bounds in alternate shot, you must re-hit until you have a ball in play
  3.  White stakes and/or white lines mark OB. The road marks OB on #2 and also around #18 green. Red lines mark the lateral hazards.
  4. Ties will be broken with your 9 hole total for alternate shot, then best ball total, then better ball total, and finally hole 9 and back of alternating shot
  5. Exchange score cards with the other teams in your group

Sign up in the Pro Shop or by calling (712) 263-5194



May 28 2023


8:00 am