Majestic Hills Men’s Golf League

The 2023 Majestic Hill’s Men League will be held on the following Wednesday’s this summer, June 7, June 21, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 2, and August 9. League will be the traditional two-man league. You may sign-up as a two-man team or sign-up as an individual player and you will be assigned to a team. Use the sign-up sheet that is available, or you can sign-up by contacting Rollie Wiebers at 712-263-0251 or The league is open to non-members. You do not have to play every Wednesday as we are only counting five scores for team prizes (if you play every league night we will use the 5 best scores). It would be very helpful if you let me know what nights you cannot attend for scheduling purposes.

                  We will be using two scoring formats this year on league nights. The first format is the traditional two man team match play and points that we use. We will also be using a scoring format using all six player’s scores in your group combined to award another set of prizes. Both formats are detailed below

5:30 PM Shotgun Start

   Entry Fees: $ 20 per person 

  1. Two Man Teams – If you don’t have a partner, we will pair you up. 
  2. Format – Handicapped Match Play System – 3 teams to a tee box (play cross teams). If you don’t have a handicap one will be assigned to you.
  3. 9 Hole Match – Single Matches—Match Play
  4. Handicaps of individual players are used (18 hole handicap divided by two gives each player their nine hole handicap for the match) 
  5. Player with higher handicap will get one stroke per hole for difference between handicaps (Ex. Player # 1 – 10 divided by 2 = 5 versus player # 2 – 4 divided by 2 = 2. – Player # 1 will get one stroke on 3 holes (strokes given on 3 top handicapped holes you play.
  6. Determining who plays who in the single matches.
  7. Weekly format determines who plays whom.
  8. One Point will be given for each hole that is halved and two points for each hole that is won. Individual points are totaled together to determine team totals.
  9. White tees will be used with the exception that 18 handicappers and those 65 and older may use the Gold Tees. Each player will be given the course handicap for the tees they are using based on World Handicap System.
  10. $2.00 individual fee for “Skins” (if anyone one individual has the lowest score on a hole for the night—handicaps not used for calculating skins). Please circle all birdies, eagles and double eagles.
  11. Play nine consecutive holes from where you start. ( Ex.- if you start on hole 7, you will play holes 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,)
  12. Weekly prizes awarded for most points won by top five teams.
  13. End of year prizes will be based on your teams top five scores.

Team Scoring Format 

  1. Each player gets points based on the following format:
  2. 5 points for eagle or better
  3. 3 points for birdies
  4. 2 points for par
  5. 1 point for bogey
  6. 0 points for double or worse
  7. All players points are added together to get to a group total
  8. Entry fee is $2.00 per player per night. 1/2 of the entry fee will be paid out to the highest scoring team and the other 1/2 will be paid to the lucky person whose name is drawn. 1/2 the pot payout format.


June 7 League Schedule 

Format # 1 – A1 vs. B1   A2 vs. C1    B2 vs. C2 


Hole # 1 Teams 1-5-9 

Nate Neilsen vs. Willie Baughman 

Paul Neilsen vs. Dawson Dorhout 

Wes Nordquist vs. Cameron Webb 


Hole # 2 Teams 13-17-21 

Jay Weisenborn vs. Doug Wiebers 

Cole Goslar vs. Jessy Webb 

Jay Marten vs. Joe Ferguson 


Hole # 3 25-29-33 

Ryan Bygness vs. Luke Staley 

Steve Brownmiller vs. Mitch Hagge 

Nolan Staley vs. Dave Thies 


Hole # 4 Teams 2-6-10 

Joe Cale vs. Nate Houston 

Randy Hagge vs. Ryan Segebart 

Adam Eggeling vs. Doug Dorhout 


Hole # 5 Teams 14-18-22 

Jared Koch vs. Bill Menegay 

Brian Ettleman vs. Taylor Starman 

John Held vs. Bob Starman 


Hole # 6 Teams 26-30-34 

Kevin Dau vs. Phil Weiman 

Rick Carstensen vs. Tim Krapf 

Randy Hass vs. Kelley Koch 




Hole # 7 Teams 3-7-11 

John Heiden vs. Brad Nelson 

Craig Dozark vs. Tony Keiner 

Scott Tibben vs. Dave Keiner 


Hole # 8 Teams 15-19-23 

Nathan Koch vs. Ron Cheney 

Mitch Kinsey vs. Scott Bowker 

Al Larson vs. Derek Fink 


Hole # 9 Teams 27-31-35 

Jay Mendlik vs. Darren Bruck 

Jeremy Schroeder vs. Parker Bekkerus 

Jorden Ransom vs. Peter Bekkerus 


Hole # 10 Teams 4-8-12 

John Jacobsen vs. Grif Heiden 

Nick Bradley vs. Tim Stuart 

Josh Langholdt vs. Jim Freml 


Hole # 11 Teams 16-20-24 

Craig Promes vs. Mark Hawn 

Ross Iverson vs. Brian Fink 

Tim Kinsey vs. Brad Dassow 


Hole #12 Teams 28-32-36 

Glenn Schiltz vs. Chris Koch 

Dave Hidding vs. Rollie Wiebers 

Ray Brotherton vs. Steve Oatman