Course Overview

Majestic Hills is a challenging 18-hole Championship golf course with elevation changes on almost every hole. A Par 71 from all five sets of tees, offer an opportunity for a fun and competitive round to all levels and ages of golfers 

The bent grass greens range in size and shape, but none can be called flat, and several have multi-level surfaces to challenge even the best putters. 

You will find very few flat/level lies on the bluegrass-rye fairways either, and the rough of thick bluegrass comes into play on nearly every hole. Only a handful of sand traps are on the course and most are there to “save” your ball to not go someplace much worse.

The prevailing south wind during the season makes the long par 5’s on the back of the course even longer. Our five Par 3 holes are a “signature” of our course, and making par on all five in a round is a real accomplishment. You will find a few “driveable” par fours around the course for the long hitters, that offer risk/reward options.

A short par four that gives no advantage to “going for it” for the long hitter. A shorter drive leaves a partial blind second shot to a large green that slopes front to back. Trouble on both sides and behind the green makes the second shot key to making par.

The #1 handicap hole on the course. OB left and right off the tee and all the way to the green on this uphill par 4. A two-tiered green with grass bunkers on the right accepts good shots. Need to be on the same level as the pin to ensure a par.

Another short par 4 with trouble lining the fairway on both sides and behind the green. The fairway slopes left to right all the way, narrowing as it reached the green. The undulating green has too many slopes to name. 

The shortest par 3 on the course, set atop the hill and often affected by the varying wind directions. A small sand trap guards the right side of a green that slopes back to front and right to left. 

The first par 5’s on the front, that stretches 580yds from the back tees.  An undulating fairway with a steep rise to the green. Another back-to-front sloped green that you need to keep your approach short of the hole, or 3-putts come into play. 

A difficult par 3 that takes a precise shot to make par here. The green is unique, with several slopes and a bit of a false front that makes it hard to get the tee shot close to the hole. Being on the same side of the green as the flag, is key.

Birdie time! A well-hit drive leaves nearly all players a good shot at a birdie opportunity on this short uphill par 5. The OB on the left, and our “No-Mow” natural grass section on the right challenge the long hitter to make a precise drive. Another “blind’ shot into the green here. A two-tiered green, narrow and long requires a good shot to get close for that birdie putt.

One of our driveable par 4’s. Risk-reward type of hole for the big hitter with trouble right and long, but playing the fairway and leaving a short approach on this downhill hole will give you opportunity to hold your shot on this tricky green, and another chance for birdie too.

A good finishing hole for the front side. A fairway that slopes right to left and is tree-lined on both sides, requires a well hit drive. An uphill approach typically off a side hill lie, to a back to front sloping green, makes this one of the best holes on the course.

A short uphill par 4 with tree lining the fairways. The deceptive green may look flat but it is not. OB over the green and a bit of a false front requires a good approach to make this a birdie hole.

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A long downhill par 3 that will require a precise shot to make the green. A sand trap on the right and large oak trees on the left, overhanging the green, catch errant shots. A deep green with a “reverse false front” will propel those trying to land it short of the pin all the way to the back. Par is a good score here.

Another of the par 3’s here. This one has a small creek crossing the fairway and running along the left side all the way past the green. Trees line the right in this “bowl shaped” hole with the damn behind the green. A steep sloping green from back to front reminds you to keep the ball below the hole. 

Like # 5 this is a long par 5 playing uphill and against the wind most all the time. Birdies can be had here with a couple good shots. A two-tiered green with a false front, and grass bunkers on the right side and OB behind, can also bring bogey or worse.  

The longest hole on the course measuring 600yds from the back tees, has water down the right side and a sharp-slope from left to right, make placing your drive from an elevated tee a challenge. The hole drops then rises as it reaches the 150-yard marker, but then slopes down and narrows to a green that is tucked into a tree-lined pocket. The bowl-shaped green is deceiving as it slopes from back to front. 

The final par 3 on the course. Crossing a lake to a shallow green built into the side of a hill with the wind never right behind or in your face makes choosing the right club difficult. The green is small and guarded by the steep banks in front and behind. A par is a very good score here. 

A difficult hole. Uphill drive to reach a narrow right-to-left sloping fairway with OB along the right. A very small green tucked into the slope of the fairway and guarded by a sand trap short left. Legend says all putts break toward the clubhouse on this, the #2 handicap hole on the course. 

Our finishing hole is a downhill par four with OB along the right side and trees on the left. OB right next to the green on the right and also directly over the green along with a small hazard on the right of the green makes the second shot into this hole tricky.