The Simulator at Majestic Hills

Enjoy Playing Golf Year-Round

Keep up with your golf skills all year when you enjoy time on our indoor simulator. Powered by ForeSight Sports, our simulator features 20 courses to choose from including Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. Transport yourself to a sunny golf course and practice all of your swings when you book time on our simulator. Enjoy food and drinks from Bogey’s Grill, making it a fun activity out. Call us today to book your next tee time on our simulator – (712) 263-5194.

Pricing Structure for the Simulator

  1. Majestic Hills Members can pay a fee of $100 for unlimited use of the simulator. If other paying groups are signed up to play or come into play, the members will be limited to two hour time slots or if they have been using the simulator over an hour, they will need to let the paying customers take over.
  2. Non-member rate. $10 per hour per person using the Simulator. No charge for spectators.
  3. Individual players using the Simulator will be limited to one hour of usage, unless no one is scheduled to be in the simulator room.
Simulator Usage Regulations