At Majestic Hills, we understand that life can get busy, which is why we’re excited to introduce our Golf Advantage Plan for only $175!

Golf Advantage Plan Details:

  • Entitles the holder to twelve 18 hole rounds of golf at a price of $25 per round, includes rental cart.
    • 12 eighteen rounds can be split into 9 hole rounds at $12. 50 per round per person.
  • 12 rounds can be used by the holder of the card or guests of the cardholder.
  • If a holder wishes to add a membership plan after the 12 rounds are used, the fees paid will go towards a membership fee.
  • The 12 round punch card will expire once all 12 rounds have been punched.
  • A Non-Golf Advantage player who rides in a cart with the Golf Advantage holder will be required to pay for their half of the cart.
  • Cards cannot be used for tournaments.
  • No refunds are given if the 12 rounds are not used, and unused rounds do not carry over to another year.

This plan is designed to cater to your busy lifestyle while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty and challenges of our golf course.

To sign up or inquire further about the Golf Advantage Plan, please contact our pro shop at (712) 263-5194.