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Men’s Golf League

Majestic Hills Men’s Night

Ryder Cup Challenge League

5:45 start shotgun start

$5 Entry Fee

July 21, July 28, and August 11.

  1. Sign-up as an individual and you will be drawn for a team and your matches randomly assigned. Max of 76 players.
  2. Two Teams will be randomly drawn from list of players signed-up. Matches will also be assigned based on a number system and you will have a different opponent each week. 
  3. 9 Hole Matches based on Handicaps. If you don’t have a handicap one will be assigned to you.
  4. $5.00 entry fee per person to cover skins entry.
  5. All matches will be match play and each match is worth one point (1/2 for a tie, 1 for the win)
  6. First night will Foursomes (low score of the two), 2nd night will be a Four Ball shamble (each person tees off and then you take the best one of the team and play your own ball from that point, each team will match their low score up against the other team and the 3rd night is straight up match play. Handicaps will be used along with different tee boxes. Your handicap index will be used to determine your course handicap for each tee box. 0-8 handicaps play Blue/White Tees, 9-17 use White Tees, and 18 and over can use Gold Tees.
  7. Play 9 consecutive holes – Ex. – If you start on 7, you play 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and 15.

Ryder Cup League Challenge Handicap and Tee Box System

  1. Each player will use their Handicap Index from GHIN if using that service. If not part of the GHIN handicap system, a Handicap Index will be assigned to you.
  2. Players that are part of the GHIN SYSTEM already have a course handicap for each tee box. A course handicap for the Blue tees, one for the Whites and one for the Golds. If you are not part of the GHIN system, a Handicap Index will be assigned to you and then the formula will be used to create your course handicap for each set of tee boxes.
  3. A sheet with each course handicap will be available. Handicaps could be adjusted up or down if needed.
  4. 0-8 Handicap Indexes will use the Blue-White tees, 9-17 will use the Whites and 18+  and those over 65, can use the Golds. If you play the Whites or Golds, you can choose to play up to the Whites or Blue-White and get the extra strokes.    Example: 


        Player A – Handicap Index = 8.6                Player B – Handicap Index = 20.6

                   Blue Course Handicap = 9                     Blue Course Handicap = 22

                   White Course Handicap = 6                   White Course Handicap = 19

                   Gold Course Handicap = 2                     Gold Course Handicap = 13


If player B elects to play from the Gold tees, his handicap is 13 and he gets ½ of those strokes (6.5 rounded down to 6) due to a nine hole match. Player A will play from the Blue-Whites (8.6 rounded down to 8) and will get four strokes ( 9 rounded down to 8 and then ½ of that). Along with playing the Blue-Whites, player will have to give two strokes (one on each of two of the lowest handicap holes as listed on the scorecard played during their 9 hole match.

If player B elects to use the Whites, he will get 9 strokes (1/2 of 19 rounded down). Player A gets his 4, so Player B will now get a stroke on 5 of the lowest handicap holes during their 9 hole match (9-4=5). 

If Player B would elect to play the Blue-Whites, he would get 7 strokes total ( ½ of 22 is 11 minus Player A’s 4 strokes = 7). One each of the lowest handicap holes of the 9 played.

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Jul 20 2022


5:30 pm - 9:00 pm