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Men’s Golf League

Majestic Hills Men’s Traditional Golf League


The 2021 Majestic Hills Traditional Men’s League will use a Two Person Team Format and will be match play based on handicaps. Sign-up as a two man team or you may sign-up as a sub or a single and we will try to match you up. The league is open to non-members.

   Entry Fees: $ 20 per person 

  1. Two Man Teams – Sign-up as a two-man team
    1. If you don’t have a partner but would like to play on a regular basis, sign-up as a substitute .
  2. Format – Handicapped Match Play System – 3 teams to a tee box (play cross teams)
    1. 9 Hole Match – Single Matches—Match Play
    2. Handicaps of individual players are used (18 hole handicap divided by two gives each player their nine hole handicap for the match) 
    3. Player with higher handicap will get one stroke per hole for difference between handicaps (Ex. Player # 1 – 10 divided by 2 = 5 versus player # 2 – 4 divided by 2 = 2. – Player # 1 will get one stroke on 3 holes (strokes given on 3 top handicapped holes you play.
    4. Determining who plays who in the single matches.
      1. Weekly format determines who plays whom.
    5. One Point will be given for each hole that is halved and two points for each hole that is won. Individual points are totaled together to determine team totals.
    6. Prizes for teams and number of prizes given will be determined by total number of points earned during the league and total number of teams playing.
    7. White tees will be used with the exception that 18 handicappers and those 65 and older may use the Gold Tees. Each player will be given the course handicap for the tees they are using. 
    8. Weekly prizes awarded for most points won by top five teams.
    9. $2.00 individual fee for “Skins” (if anyone one individual has the lowest score on a hole for the night—handicaps not used for calculating skins). Please circle all birdies, eagles and double eagles.
    10. Play nine consecutive holes from where you start. ( Ex.- if you start on hole 7, you will play holes 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,)

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Jun 01 2022


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