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2- Couple Alternating Shot

Sunday, July 4th | 2pm Shotgun

$30/Couple (Members), $35/Couple (non-members)

MEN will tee off on the EVEN numbered holes and WOMEN will tee off on the ODD numbered holes. Men and women will alternate shots until the ball is holed. For example, on Hole #1 the Women will tee off. The Men will hit the second shot from the best/chosen of the Women’s tee shots. This process will continue until the hole is completed.


  1. Men will play from the WHITE tee markers. Senior men (65+) will play from the GOLD tee markers
  2. Women will play from the RED tee markers. Senior women (65+) will play from GOLD tees located in the
    fairways on holes 3, 5, 9, 15, 17
  3. You may move the ball one club length no closer to the hole. The ball must stay in the same condition
    (rough to rough, fairway to fairway)
  4. Ties will be broken using the scorecard using #18 and back until tie is broken